Corporate Identity

Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson
Chief Executive Officer of Citroën brand.


“Our challenge is to place the customer at the very centre of our business and to offer customers an experience with the BE DIFFERENT, FEEL GOOD spirit of the CITROËN brand.
This website presents the aspects of the CITROËN FEEL GOOD NEW CORPORATE IDENTITY design and will enable us all to achieve a crucial objective, the coherence and attractiveness of our network.
Route to your implementation:
  1. An architect will contact you to prepare the scheme.
  2. Once the scheme is drawn, it will need to be approved by the dealer followed by the Citroën Corporate Identity (CI).
  3. Once the scheme is approved the architect will help the dealer project manage to install and send all supplier quotes, after which, the dealer must place the orders with the suppliers (Interact, Clippings & Futurama) – Click here for suppliers
  4. Once orders have been placed, the dealers must continue to liaise with the architect & suppliers to agree on an install date.
  5. Live date confirmed with dealer.