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In order to improve our service to you, we have appointed a new supplier for flags and flag poles called Harrisons. Flags will be available as single sided/mirror image in both kadar and sleeved versions via a dedicated web portal.
Please contact Account Manager, Michael Percy at Harrisons who will help you set-up your account so you may start ordering your flags. (
Click the link below for the Citroën Flags Web Portal User Guide PDF.

Harrisons Flagpoles – Maintenance Guidelines

  • Visual check of halyard for signs of wear or fraying, if necessary replace by sewing end of new halyard to end of old halyard and pull new halyard through top of flagpole.
Six Monthly
  • Check stability of flagpole(s). Check operation of hinge bolt by removing nuts and washers and with the aid of an assistant walk flagpole down and place on a support (most important if ground collar ‘in situ’). Do not remove levelling nuts.
  • Check finial for stability, ease of rotation and check for damage to pulley groove. If necessary replace damaged or worn parts.
  • For external halyard systems, check for signs of wear or fraying, replace if necessary. Check cleat for security and damage, replace if necessary.
  • For internal halyard systems (including hoistable arms), check operation of Guardsman lock and jamming cleat, oil lock if necessary. Check for signs of wear or fraying of halyard, replace if necessary. Check for wear or damage on weight, ring and plastic clips. Check to see if any damage to flagpole at weight level. Repair or replace if necessary.
  • For swivel arm systems, check for signs of wear of the rotating top, replace if necessary. Check for wear or damage on weight, ring and any clips. Check to see if any damage to flagpole at weight level. Repair or replace if necessary.
  • Wash down flagpole with warm water and detergent to remove surface grime. Use a solvent cleaner for ingrained marks.
  • Re-erect flagpole by walking the flagpole up, ensuring help is available. Check base nuts for tightness, adjust if necessary. Grease nuts to protect from rust. Check flagpole for vertical alignment.
  • Full service/inspection of the flagpole by a specialist should be carried out and a log/report (provided by the contractor) kept of the date and works completed.
Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Flags must be taken down in adverse weather conditions – i.e. if flying a standard flag and wind speeds are expected to exceed 30mph.
  • If there is a requirement to keep flags flying in adverse weather conditions, then specialist storm flags (of one third of the size) must be used, which will withstand wind speeds up to 45mph. The flagpole should be inspected as above prior to re-flying your flag.


We provide a full product warranty which gives you peace of mind and appropriate protection of your glassfibre flagpole. See our warranty statement, which was supplied to you with our commercial paperwork, or if not, is available on our website at Failure to follow the maintenance recommendations set out here will, however, invalidate your warranty.
Harrisons External Display Systems offer a range of maintenance and flagpole services. If you experience a flagpole problem you cannot solve or require your flagpoles to be serviced please call (01325 355433).
[click here] to download the installation guidelines