Corporate Identity


The main elevation of the dealership should have installed as a minimum the following primary signage:
  1. Citroën Chevrons
  2. CITROËN illuminated letters
  3. Dealer Name
Each dealership will be schemed by a nominated architect to ensure the brand image and guidelines are upheld.
Each scheme will be suited to the design and shape of the building.
Below are typical sizes available of CITROËN external signs.
Citroën 6M External Illuminated Totem is a mandatory and an integral key branding part of a Citroën dealership. [Click here] for the Citroën 6M External Illuminated Totem base details, you may also contact Corporate Identity Team for further information.
Single sided Box Signs and Double sided Box Signs are installed to the entrance of Authorised Repairers and Parts Distributors for Brand identity, available in 4 different sizes.
Entrance Markers are a key element for our customers to the start of the Citroën dealership journey. They are displayed proudly outside the main entrance. They are available in pairs with one entrance marker displaying a WELCOME sign; the other entrance marker displaying the Citroën brand with the operational hours underneath. Single entrance markers are also available if the entrance cannot facilitate a pair.
Workshop Signage is mandatory, a panel must be displayed by the entrance clearly demonstrating the services offered by the dealership, as image below.
Dealerships offering Business Centres must display the sign for the benefit of their customers.
All these signs can be ordered through the Corporate Identity department.